April 6, 2008

I've lost my motivation. Has anyone seen it?

Some days I feel great, and am anxious to get home and go for my daily walk. I’ll look in the mirror before going to bed and think I can actually see the inches burning off. Other days, like this entire week, I feel like it’s a hopeless cause. I’ve eaten like a pig the whole week, and I only walked on Monday. My eating habits have taken a nosedive, and I feel like not even a combination of the world’s top diet pills and 2-hour daily walks will help.
I’m joining a weight-loss program at work this week. It a 12-week thing, starting tomorrow, and I get reimbursed at the end. I don’t have to lose weight (though that would be nice!). I still get my money back, as long as I attend the weekly meeting.
I know you can't tell, but I really am optimistic about it.

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