March 16, 2011

Here I am!

The time change is kicking my ass. I end up going to bed super late because it still feels early, and I get up later because it’s not light out yet, so I’m rushing to get out the door for work. Thankfully, that hasn’t been of big consequence this week as B is out on Spring Break, so it’s only M and I rushing to leave the house. Hopefully I'll have adapted by next week, when we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

I am grateful for daylight savings as I finally got off my rear end and started exercising. Last weekend I walked for at least half an hour on both Saturday and Sunday, Monday I walked for 45 minutes with Eric and the boys on their bikes, and yesterday I ran/walked for 23 minutes, for 1.64 miles. My pace was a 14.09 min/mile. I'm using an app for my phone that my sister recommended that gives me all that information and allows me to see a map of my route and to share on Twitter and FB. It's called iMapMyRUN and I love it so far.

I realized that while there was much pomp and circumstance in real life for both, I totally missed commemorating the boys’ birthdays here on the blog. B is now 8, just over 4 feet tall, and continues growing like a weed. He's doing very well in school (with the ocassional "off" day), and is reading chapter books. A little nerd, just like his momma!

(A couple of weeks ago with my sister)

M is now 4, but he swears he’s as old as his big brother. He’s a little bossy and likes to have his way All. The. Time. He’s got a smile that melts you, and almost lets him get away with murder. He knows all the letters, and knows his days of the week, but gets them confused. This morning he asked me if Friday is after Sunday.

(my little rockstar)

That's it for now. I've got a great idea for a blog post that I stole borrowed from S at Everyday Stranger. Stay tuned for that one, it's going to be fun.

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